A L E R T   


Warning on the

Risks of Swimming



End of July 2019 the Consulate General of India in Frankfurt has sent out a severe warning to the Indian community on the risks of swimming in rivers and lakes in Germany:


Dear All, I would like to draw your attention to very serious issue- the deaths of young Indians due to drowning:

In 2017, 2 Indian students died, both 23 year old due to drowning in Duisburg.

In 2018, a 22 year old Indian student died in Rursee near Aachen.

On 19 July this year an Indian man drowned in Mannheim. On 27 July , a 25 year old student died due to drowning in Hamburg/ Tatenberg and on 28 July a 28 year old student drowned near Aschaffenburg.

I would request you all to consider the dangers in swimming in unknown lakes. The water in these lakes is really cold which can cause cramps and affect swimming. Usually these lakes do not have life guard facilities. Please avoid swimming in these serene and beautiful lakes and risking your life. Kindly post some advisories on your respective Facebook pages. Spread a word in your respective companies/ universities/ groups. Make announcements during your programmes/ talk shows. Please do some awareness campaigns. We need your support and cooperation in saving young lives.



Please consider the folowing practical hints when you want to swim:


You may swim in public swimming pools and in lakes etc only when pool attendents and life guards are available. 


The following sign at lakes and rivers may indicate that swimming is allowed here:



Do not swim when you see the following warning sign "Bathing / Swimming forbidden - risk of death!":




You may consider to take a swimming training course in your area.

Check the DLRG (German Life Saving Society) website for a contact near your home for a swim course or more information: